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After living in South Africa all her life, Carol Lee Beckx immigrated to Australia in December 2010. Leaving the familiar; the known; the safe; she has had to adapt to everything new.

Recent paintings are inspired by the power of light on the landscape, and are a visual response to discovering new country and new secret places. Her work is a response to her surroundings with the choice of subject based on a visual response to an image, particularly a subject where there is a strong sense of light and shade, and because strong abstract shapes exist in the image.

Working from plein air sketches and photographs, when the references are removed from the scene they become a “kick-off” point. The scene becomes transformed by memory, edited, altered and abstracted. The completed painting develops a unique character removed from the original and transformed by colour. Her inquisitive nature dictates that she paints a variety of subjects, being drawn to landscapes as well as still life and interiors often with flowers as a focal point

Carol is now a full time artist and art teacher after years of combining painting with other responsibilities. She has settled in Brisbane where she paints and teaches art. Her work is in private and corporate collections worldwide.